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Why Building With Butler® Manufacturing is Better for Our Clients

Since 1972, we have built hundreds of structures—large and small—for manufacturers, commercial businesses, warehouse and distribution clients, and retail establishments throughout Michiana. And, because we tend to do more than one job for a client, we have the opportunity to see how well these buildings weather time, heavy use and our Michiana climate.Butler® Manufacturing | J.A. Wagner Construction | Elkhart, Indiana

That’s why in 1980 we made the decision to partner with Butler Manufacturing™ by joining the largest network of construction professionals in the world to provide our clients with the best steel buildings in the industry. We see many advantages to building pre-engineered steel structures, notwithstanding the unmatched durability and affordability that Butler Buildings offer. Throughout every stage of construction and over the entire lifetime of the building, our clients enjoy time- and money-saving solutions by using J.A. Wagner Construction's design-build services paired with the Butler Building System. 

Pre-Engineered Construction Services

At J.A. Wagner Construction, we are proud to be your local Butler Builder® representing the world’s leading producer of pre-engineered metal building solutions. A Butler Builder since 1980, we are your experienced construction partner and can assist you in meeting your facility’s needs—from conceptual design to final landscaping—no matter what type or size of facility you need.

Our services include:

• Budgeting and expert design consultation
• Preconstruction services
• Complete construction management and design-build services, from permitting to steel erection to close-out

With hundreds of successful building projects under our belt, we bring together local construction knowledge with Butler—a world-class steel building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their unique construction project. The amazing style, versatility, and affordability of Butler Buildings make them the logical choice for a variety of commercial facilities.

Whether you’re looking for a simple building solution, a retrofit roof, or a multiple building complex, Butler buildings offer a fast, affordable, architecturally appealing, and environmentally-friendly solution with many significant advantages. The benefits of using a Butler Building System are numerous and so are the advantages of working with J.A. Wagner Construction as your turnkey provider of building construction.

Featured Butler® Building Projects

Vista Manufacturing, Inc.

Vista Manufacturing, Inc.

This 33,750-square-foot pre-engineered metal building features a two-story office that contains a large plant break room, several private offices, and a high tech executive conference room.

View Project

Center Six One Five

Center Six One Five

This 43,485-square-foot convention center and meeting facility in Elkhart, Indiana was completed in May 2017.

View Project

ACC Climate Control

ACC Climate Control

This new, 135,000-square-foot manufacturing facility consists of a pre-engineered metal building.

View Project

LaVanture Products Co.

LaVanture Products Co.

We completed a 14,000-square-foot warehouse expansion of their existing facility, providing them with a solution for their lack of storage space.

View Project

Universal Trailer Corp.

Universal Trailer Corp.

The 188,600-square-foot facility encompasses groundbreaking, highly automated technology in the manufacturing area.

View Project

J.A. Wagner Construction

J.A. Wagner Construction

This 16,950-square-foot pre-engineered metal building is the new office for our team headquarters.

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The Top 6 Benefits of the Butler® Building System

1. Design Flexibility

A Butler Building System offers virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to your building design—from distinctive exterior aesthetic options to functional interior configurations. You can also choose a hybrid solution that combines conventional building materials with the efficiencies of systems construction.

• Rigid frame design facilitates virtually any building size and shape

• Exterior options include stucco, brick, and glass, in addition to Butler’s selection of metal wall panel systems

• Clearspan and longbay structural systems create large areas of uninterrupted space to maximize productivity

• Flexibility to install the weathertight MR-24® roof system, the industry’s finest standing-seam roof system with more than 40 years of proven in-place performance

2. Reduced Construction Time

One of the greatest advantages is the ability to reduce your construction schedule. In fact, using a Butler Building System has been shown to reduce construction times by up to 30% versus conventional building methods.

• All Butler structural steel is precision engineered using state-of-the-art computer modeling to facilitate faster assembly in the field

• J.A. Wagner’s design-build delivery system eliminates third parties to streamline construction and further condense construction schedules

• Regionally located manufacturing plants allow for shorter shipping distances and faster delivery times

3. Expansion Capability

A Butler Building System can meet your needs today as well as your company’s future needs. A Butler Building can easily be expanded in width, length and height by adding additional bays, or new structures to the end walls.

4. Low Maintenance

Steel buildings resist damage from high winds, heavy rains, termites, ants, lightning and mold better than conventional building materials. Plus, steel structures and roofs are easier to maintain than wood-frame and concrete structures.

5. Energy Efficiency

The demand for products and systems that can reduce energy consumption is greater today than ever before. Butler offers a range of energy-efficient roof and wall systems that can achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R-40 or more if required.

6. Sustainability

All Butler Buildings contain up to 74% recycled steel and all Butler Buildings are also designed to be easily disassembled and reused or recycled.

Recycled Steel

Steel is the most recycled material on earth, and recycled steel is an essential ingredient used in Butler and BlueScope Steel’s integrated steelmaking processes. The electric arc furnace process used at the North Star BlueScope Steel plant in the United States is more environmentally friendly than basic oxygen furnaces—enabling the use of 75%–100% recycled steel.

FACT: All Butler Buildings contain up to 74% recycled steel and all Butler Buildings are designed to be easily disassembled and reused or recycled.

The MR-24® Roof System

For new construction and reroofing projects

Butler’s MR-24® Roof System is the industry’s first and finest standing-seam metal roof system—with more than 40 years of proven, in-place weathertight performance. This system offers you reliable weathertight performance and unmatched peace of mind in virtually any commercial or industrial building application.

Features & Benefits

• Acts like a monolithic steel surface covering your entire building and providing superior protection

• Specifically designed with movable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures

• Creates an exclusive 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled, for superior performance and protection

• Factory-punched panels and structural members assure proper alignment and accurate installation

• Accommodates additional insulation thicknesses to enhance energy efficiency

• A material-efficient option with compelling sustainability attributes

• Available in several cool colors for added energy savings

• Can save up to 90% on roof maintenance costs

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From preconstruction to final close-out, J.A. Wagner provides you with full-service construction solutions.
Preconstruction Services | J.A. Wagner Construction | Elkhart, Indiana
Preconstruction Services

You can rely on J.A. Wagner to guide you through every step of the preconstruction phase. Our services include site evaluation, project and design development, preliminary budgets, and blueprints.

Design-Build | J.A. Wagner Construction | Elkhart, Indiana

With the design-build construction delivery method, J.A. Wagner Construction serves as the single source and maintains full accountability for the project. This saves you time, money and headaches while ensuring your needs, objectives, schedule, and budget are fully met.

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General Contracting | J.A. Wagner Construction | Elkhart, Indiana
General Contracting

As a general contractor, J.A. Wagner works with the owner and the architect under the traditional design-bid-build method to review plans and construction documents, develop a schedule, select subcontractors, and construct the project as designed.

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Renovation and Remodel | J.A. Wagner Construction | Elkhart, Indiana
Renovation & Remodel

J.A. Wagner has a proven history of revitalizing buildings for today’s use and taking advantage of local municipal incentives, federal tax credits, distressed real estate prices, and federal grants. Restoring, converting, updating or adding-on presents unique opportunities for new or expanding operations and services.

Build-Lease | J.A. Wagner Construction | Elkhart, Indiana

Build-Lease eliminates the need for the client to provide the initial capital outlay for construction, yet delivers a facility ideally suited to their needs. J.A. Wagner offers a Build-Lease-Purchase option allowing the client to purchase the building at the end of the lease at a price defined at the project’s inception.

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