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When A Small, Leased Facility No Longer Works

Posted by J.A. Wagner Construction on Mar 22, 2017 1:25:00 PM

Optronics International BeforeBEFORE: Working with Optronics, our design-build team determined that the new, larger building would require a thorough retrofit to fit Optronics' growing needs. The new facility, although bigger, was not fitted out exactly as Optronics needed.

When Optronics International, LLC, the nation’s fastest-growing manufacturer of lighting for the truck, trailer, marine, RV, heavy duty, and transit vehicle markets, realized that their small, leased facility was no longer meeting their needs, they decided to purchase a larger building in nearby Goshen, Indiana. The new facility, although bigger, was not fitted out exactly as Optronics needed. That’s where J.A. Wagner Construction came in.

Optronics International Goshen Indiana J.A. Wagner ConstructionWorking with Optronics, our design-build team determined that their new, larger building would require a thorough retrofit to fit their growing needs. In addition, due to the nature of the remaining terms of the lease, the project needed to be run on an expedited schedule and be completed on time for Optronics to move in to their new 87,500-square-foot facility.

Work began immediately and the large, open-space first and second floors were reconstructed to accommodate new offices fitted out with sound-absorption carpeting. Since the first floor would need to stand up to constant, heavy traffic, we installed 2,600 square feet of durable, full-flake epoxy coating. We built shipping and receiving offices within the warehouse, and to offset costs for Optronics, we saved and reused existing salvageable materials.

“You set the bar extremely high for the competition. We had a seamless and enjoyable process getting the build-out completed,” Chris Lewallen, Optronics International’s Chief Financial Officer told us. “I don’t think it could have gone any smoother.”

That’s our goal—on every job we do.

“Even though this was considered a smaller project for us, our construction crews paid careful attention to detail, schedule and costs—just as we would on a much larger project,” noted Andrew Harman, J.A. Wagner’s project manager.

Optronics Internation Breakroom | Goshen Indiana | J.A. Wagner ConstructionToday, Optronics is up and running in a building that feels made-to-order for its needs.

For more than four decades, J.A. Wagner has been committed to the single goal of customer satisfaction. We have constructed millions of square feet for hundreds of satisfied customers in a multitude of states from Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky to Utah and Texas. From building it new to renovating it to look and work like new, our company aims to make sure the spaces our clients use fully support their long-term business goals.

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