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4900 Middlebury Street
Elkhart, Indiana 46516
T 574.295.3761, F 574.522.1620

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Alliance Sheets, LLC

Location: Bristol, Indiana
Design: J.A. Wagner Construction
Scope: 169,800-square-foot renovation
Completion Date: December 2014

Project Overview

Alliance Sheets selected J.A. Wagner to design and build their 169,800-square-foot cardboard corrugation facility. This particular corrugator is 438-foot long and runs 132-inch wide rolls of paper. It was brought in from Germany and is now the largest corrugation machine in North America.

This sizable building has a 40-foot eave, 25 loading docks and a skewed end-wall that abuts a railroad track for maximum use of the property. A new rail spur was installed off the main rail line which allows two parallel tracks to enter the back of the building through a 32-foot wide door. This permits the storage of eight rail cars inside for offloading paper. Due to the dimensions of the building, the 22 HVAC rooftop units had to be set via helicopter. Precast Strescore panels were used to create the second floor above masonry support walls. This complex project took a high level of expertise and planning. J.A. Wagner worked with an accelerated schedule while coordinating the installation of the corrugator in conjunction with the building’s erection.

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