J.A. Wagner Construction, Inc.: Building Your Future

For 38+ years, J.A. Wagner has provided quality construction solutions for our customers in every shape, size and configuration you can imagine.

Custom construction is our specialty. We recognize no limits when it comes to our client's satisfaction. Our experience is second to none... Light or heavy industrial buildings, hi-tech manufacturing facilities corporate office buildings and religious facilities are just a few of the projects found in our portfolio that displays a diversity of talent and solutions for your every building need.

When it's time to consider a new home for your business or church, let us know how we can help. We will be glad to show you just how J.A. Wagner offers intelligent and efficient solutions.



Meeting the specific requirements in the realm of function, aesthetics and budget has been the driving force for gaining total satisfaction for our customers.  We are the single source for meeting your very specific needs.


All task associated with finalizing your project are achieved without the need for dealing with the various sources normally assoicated with the completion of your project...We are your "one-stop-shop"


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Expanding on our "Design-Build" Philosophy, J.A.Wagner introduces the Build/Lease Program.

J.A.Wagner will construct on your site or ours, meeting your building requirements and offering you up to a 20-year lease. We can also offer you the option to purchase at anytime during the term of the lease.

We have found this to be a most successful program for our customers that are seeking the most efficient use of their resources during the most important time of their business venture.

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J.A Wagner has a solid track record of revitalizing buildings for todays use and taking advantage of local munciple incentives, federal tax credits, distressed real estate prices and Federal Grants.  Restoring, converting, updating or adding on may present some unique opportunities for new or expanding operations and services.  To learn more about Restoration/Rehab.